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In a time when religious legal systems are discussed without an understanding of history or context, it is more important than ever to help widen the understanding and discourse about the prosocial aspects of religious legal systems throughout history. The Lost & Found ( READ MORE
The McKibben style artificial muscle is a type of pneumatic artificial muscle. When the muscle is pressurized a length contraction and contractive force occur. Modeling a McKibben style muscle presents many challenges. The physical dynamics of the muscle are highly nonlinear, which makes accurate... READ MORE
Additive manufacturing processes have been used to print a variety of polymer, metal, ceramic and composite materials for a rapidly growing range of functional applications involving printed electronics, embedded optical components and sensors. Additive manufacturing (or 3D Printing) techniques such as Stereolithography (SLA) and... READ MORE
There is mounting pressure on government to provide funding for social services; however, due to budget constraints and complex social issues, this has become a challenge (Social, 2014). With the increase of poverty, behavioral and mental health issues in America, the status quo in... READ MORE
With an increasing number of vehicles on road the quantity of CO2 emissions and the amount of fuel wasted because of traffic congestion have been rising. Use of alternate means of transport that generate fewer emissions does not resolve the problem of congestions and... READ MORE
Selfies have become an easy and instantaneous form of self-expression and communication. Posting selfies to various social media platforms has become wildly popular and socially accepted in the digital age. This study investigated the motivation behind posting selfies to Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat using the... READ MORE
The introduction of dynamic electricity pricing structures such as Time of Use (TOU) rates and Day Ahead Pricing (DAP) in residential markets has created the possibility for customers to reduce their electric bills by using energy storage systems for load shifting and/or peak load... READ MORE
The miniaturization trend in electronics has spurred the development of efficient thermal management solutions. Single phase techniques are reliable but are limited by large fluid temperature differences and pressure drop. Two phase cooling has very little pressure drop with large heat absorption capacity. Boiling... READ MORE
The study of history is one way of preserving human culture. In China, a country with thousands of years long history, a vast number of historical events have been recorded in different literary works, including history books, fictions, biographies, and so on. However, we... READ MORE
The teaching of introductory computer science can benefit from the use of real-world context to ground the abstract programming concepts. We present the domain of pencil puzzles as a context for a variety of introductory CS topics. Pencil puzzles are puzzles typically found in... READ MORE
Low latency anonymity systems, like Tor and I2P, support private online communications, but offer limited protection against powerful adversaries with widespread eavesdropping capabilities. It is known that general-purpose communications, such as web and file transfer, are difficult to protect in that setting. However, online instant... READ MORE
Recent work has demonstrated that self-propagating worms are a real threat to sensor networks. Since worms can enable an adversary to quickly compromise an entire sensor network, they must be detected and stopped as quickly as possible. To meet this need, we propose a worm... READ MORE
The mechanism for picking guards in Tor suffers from security problems like guard fingerprinting and from performance issues. To address these issues, Hayes and Danezis proposed the use of guard sets, in which the Tor system groups all guards into sets, and each client... READ MORE
Older users (aged 55 and over) are generally thought to have limited knowledge in online security; additionally, their declining cognitive and perceptive abilities can further expose them to digital attacks. Despite these risks and the growing older population, little has been studied about older users’... READ MORE
The Uncommon Press Project was a cross-departmental, multi-disciplinary capstone project by students from the Kate Gleason College of Engineering and the College of Liberal Arts at Rochester Institute of Technology which aimed to create a historically accurate reconstruction of a circa 1790 English common... READ MORE
When walking into museums, visitors already have expectations about what they will encounter inside. Whether they are there to see a specific object or exhibit everyone expects to confront an artifact and learn about it. What visitors might not think about is how they... READ MORE
HfO2-based ferroelectric tunnel junctions (FTJs) represent a unique opportunity as both a next-generation digital non-volatile memory and as synapse devices in braininspired logic systems, owing to their higher reliability compared to filamentary resistive random-access memory (ReRAM) and higher speed and lower power consumption compared... READ MORE
Synchronous serial interfaces provide economical on-board communication between the processor, digital to analog and analog to digital converters, memory, and other building blocks on the chip. A number of Integrated Circuit (IC) manufacturers develop and produce components that are compatible with serial interfaces. The... READ MORE
This paper discusses the design and implementation of an automatic protein shake freestyle vending machine. This machine is capable of providing protein shakes as per the customer’s requirement. Customers are able to decide what kind of protein supplement they want according to their fitness needs,... READ MORE