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Advancing today's business environment requires leadership and management attuned to rapid changes in technology and increasingly vigorous global competition.

On Saturday, the Rochester Institute of Technology celebrated the graduation of its class of 2003. Like thousands of other colleges and universities throughout the country, RIT's graduates are looking forward to new personal and professional challenges. Unlike recent classes, however, the heightened level of anxiety... READ MORE
Although a leader's integrity seems to be essential for effective leadership, no empirical studies have examined the relationship between leader behavioral integrity (the consistency between words and actions) and follower job performance. Further, no empirical studies have examined how follower behavioral integrity might also impact... READ MORE
Since 1988, no fewer than 16 studies have proposed and directly tested the hypothesis that sex differences exist in the experience of work-family conflict (WFC). However, results have been conflicting. This meta-analytic review of sex differences in work-family conflict finds that while women tend to... READ MORE
A well-developed body of literature has detected positive effects of technology investments on economic growth. We contribute to this literature by studying the joint effects of technology and economic freedom on economic growth. Using two different time points. 1990 and2000. and a sample of over... READ MORE
The Post-SOX era coincides with the rise of the Second Tier auditing firms. Our study tests risk characteristics of new (and departing) clients versus continuing clients of the Second Tier to judge overall risks faced by this auditing tier. Because of the greater incidence... READ MORE
Starting in December 2009, small companies classified as non-accelerated filers must obtain an internal control audit to comply with Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. This study estimates the cost of the internal control audit for new accelerated filers in 2006 and 2007 and assesses... READ MORE
Many students enter graduate school with expectation that many years of hard work will pay off in the form of Ph. D.s in many disciplines has been declined over the years, at the same time that the number of graduates is increased. READ MORE