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The number of Data Centers and the servers present in them has been on the rise over the last decade with the advent of cloud computing, social networking, Big data analytics etc. This has... READ MORE
In order to protect threatened and endangered species, their habitat needs to be adequately documented and assessed for conservation planning. The utilization of mapping programs such as ArcGIS can help researchers in determining the... READ MORE
Pulsed photonic sintering/curing of materials has significant potential to change the way we process thin films. The pulsed light technology has tremendous benefits with processing time lying in the order of milliseconds. This process... READ MORE
Hyperspectral imaging provides the capability of increased sensitivity and discrimination over traditional imaging methods by combining standard digital imaging with spectroscopic methods. For each individual pixel in a hyperspectral image (HSI), a continuous spectrum... READ MORE
Previous work in this field of research has proven that the intrinsic properties of native starch can be modified to have desirable traits. For example there are two widely researched natural properties of native... READ MORE