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The Verification methodology of modern processor designs is an enormous challenge. As processor design complexity increases, an elaborate and sophisticated verification environment has to be employed to identify, assist in debug, and document design bugs.... READ MORE
This thesis studies upper jaw protrusion in carassius auratus (goldfish), a type of Cypriniformes. The presence of a unique sesamoid bone called kinethmoid, suspended by a network of ligaments, allows for more flexibility and... READ MORE
Estimating the perceived quality of printed patterns is a complex task as quality is subjective. A study was conducted to evaluate how accurately a machine learning method can predict human judgment about printed pattern... READ MORE
Image segmentation is a process used in computer vision to partition an image into regions with similar characteristics. One category of image segmentation algorithms is graph-based, where pixels in an image are represented by... READ MORE
Computing systems have become increasingly heterogeneous contributing to higher performance and power efficiency. However, this is at the cost of increasing the overall complexity of designing such systems. One key challenge in the design of... READ MORE
As supply voltages continue to decrease, it becomes harder to ensure that the voltage drop across a diode-connected BJT is sufficient to conduct current without sacrificing die area. One such solution to this potential... READ MORE
One of the fundamental problems of portfolio theory is how to rationally optimize the portfolio using diversification. In practice, maximizing the short term interest is not equivalent to maximizing the long term interest. Kelly’s criterion... READ MORE
While Western countries typically run census surveys frequently, poorer countries such as Haiti do not have the money to do so; thus research into how Haitians live is severely lacking. Furthermore, studies that do exist... READ MORE