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Eating fruits and vegetables is beneficial to human health, not just because they provide essential nutrients and vitamins, but also because phytochemicals scavenge free radicals and can reduce the risk of developing cancer and other diseases. However, not all people have access to affordable... READ MORE
The thickness and morphology of squaraine based OPV’s have been explored by our group and the accuracy of their measurement is the focus of this study. The effect of thickness on these squaraine based devices still suffers from a lack of detail. This... READ MORE
Vulnerabilities inherent in a cyber network can be exploited by individuals with malicious intent. Thus, machines on the network are at risk. Formally, security specialists seek to mitigate the risk of intrusion events through network reconfiguration and defense. Comparison between configuration alternatives may be... READ MORE
The aim of this thesis is to show how the use of parity in tandem with the triangular grid as well as a newly introduced and similar method are insufficient to provide proof for why convex regions composed using the full set of shapes known... READ MORE
Integration of III-V components on Si substrates is required for realizing the promise of Silicon Photonic systems. Specifically, the direct bandgap of many III-V materials is required for light sources, efficient modulators and photodetectors. Several different approaches have been taken to integrate III-V lasers... READ MORE
Grapevine Powdery Mildew is caused by the obligately biotrophic fungus Erysiphe (syn. Uncinula) necator. This plant disease leads to severe crop loss and subsequent economic burden for the wine and juice industry. While the life cycle of the fungus has been explained, the mechanisms underlying... READ MORE
Time-series data streams often contain predictive value in the form of unique patterns. While these patterns may be used as leading indicators for event prediction, a lack of prior knowledge of pattern shape and irregularities can render traditional forecasting methods ineffective. The research in... READ MORE
The use of high volume hydraulic fracturing (HVHF) has grown substantially in the past decade, and with it the number of heavy duty diesel trucks (HDDTs) used to transport HVHF materials and wastes. This research is a pilot study for the third phase of... READ MORE
Carbon nanotube (CNT) bulk conductors have been proposed as an alternative material to metals for power and data transmission applications due to their light weight, flexure tolerance, and chemical stability. However, current fabrication technologies prevent bulk CNT wires from matching the electrical properties... READ MORE
Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) are produced throughout the body and can cause damage, lead to neurodegenerative disorders, and deactivate neurons involved in the release of essential neurotransmitters. However, the underlying mechanisms affecting neuronal dysfunction are controversial and are not yet well understood. Hydrogen peroxide... READ MORE
Blast furnace slag is a non-metallic byproduct generated by the production of iron and steel in a blast furnace at temperatures in the range of 1400°-1600° C. The alkali activation of blast furnace slag has the potential to reduce the environmental impact of cementitious... READ MORE
Hierarchical Temporal Memory is a brain inspired memory prediction framework modeled after the uniform structure and connectivity of pyramidal neurons found in the human neocortex. Similar to the neocortex, Hierarchical Temporal Memory processes spatiotemporal information for anomaly detection and prediction. A critical component in... READ MORE
Heat dissipation is vital in industries requiring predictable operating temperatures while also producing large heat fluxes. These industries include electronics and power generation. For electronics, as more devices fit on a smaller area, the heat flux increases dramatically. Pool boiling offers a solution to... READ MORE
Localized muscle fatigue (LMF) has been associated to many adverse effects on human performance and the risk of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs). While the development of LMF can be dependent on several factors, the influence of cognitive demands is still uncertain. This study analyzed... READ MORE
A novel custom auto-encoder Complex Valued Convolutional Neural Network (AE-CVCNN) model is proposed and implemented using MATLAB for multiple-input-multiple output (MIMO) wireless networks. The proposed model is applied on two dierent generalized spatial modulation (GSM) schemes: the single symbol generalized spatial modulation SS -... READ MORE
The antibiotics have impacted the human ailments by curtailing the growth of microbes and by providing relief from microbial diseases. While there are a large number of analytical methods available for the determination of antibiotics concentration, they are time consuming and impractical for usage... READ MORE