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In this work, a model-free sliding mode control technique for linear and nonlinear uncertain multi-input multi-output systems is proposed. The developed method does not require a mathematical model of the dynamic system. Instead, knowledge of the system’s order, state measurements, and control input gain matrix... READ MORE
This paper addresses the problems of dispatching multiple-load automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in flexible manufacturing systems (FMSs). A pickup-or-delivery-en-route (PDER) rule is proposed to address the task-determination problem that indicates if a partially loaded AGV’s next task should be picking up a new job or... READ MORE
As per Moore’s law, continuous improvement over silicon process technologies has made the integration of hundreds of cores on to a single chip possible. This has resulted in the paradigm shift towards multicore and many-core chips where, hundreds of cores can be integrated on... READ MORE
Rapid colonization by invasive plants can lead to failures of wetland restoration, particularly in forested wetlands where mature plant communities are slow to develop. To develop more effective methods for reducing the spread of invasive plants, I tested the hypothesis that planting native shrubs... READ MORE
Polarization is an intrinsic property of light, like frequency or coherence. Humans have long benefited from our ability to distinguish light of different frequency based on its color. However, our eyes are not sensitive to the polarization of light. Devices to measure polarization are... READ MORE
Coplanar Waveguide Ferromagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (CPW-FMR) was used to investigate the spin dynamics of the thin film multilayers Py/Ir vs. Py/Cu/Ir. The properties of both sample sets were evaluated as a function of the Ir thickness. The gyromagnetic ratio, 𝛾, is found to be... READ MORE
When attempting to read malicious network traffic, security analysts are challenged to determine what attacks are happening in the network at any given time. This need to analyze data and attempt to classify the data requires a large amount of manual time and knowledge... READ MORE
Binary responses are routinely observed in practice whether it is medicine, geology, defense or day to day life situations. Logistic regression methods can be used to capture the binary responses. Modeling becomes critical when there is sensitivity analysis involved, and the selection of the settings... READ MORE
Integrated circuits and microprocessor chips have become integral part of our everyday life to such an extent that it is difficult to imagine a system related to consumer electronics, health care, public transportation, household application without these small components. The heart of these circuits... READ MORE
Recent developments in topic modeling for text corpora have incorporated Markov models in the latent space to better learn contextual content. Known as the Hidden Topic Markov Model (HTMM), this natural extension of probabilistic mixture models relaxes the "bag-of-words" assumption of the foundational latent... READ MORE
Logistic regression is a valuable statistical tool used to model the probability of a binary response variable as a function of one or more input variables. The goal of this thesis research is to develop a better understanding of how the coefficients of a logistic... READ MORE
Space borne thermal infrared sensors have been extensively used for environmental research as well as cross-calibration of other thermal sensing systems. Thermal infrared data from satellites such as Landsat and Terra/MODIS have limited temporal resolution (with a repeat cycle of 1 to 2 days for... READ MORE
Surface temperature is an important Earth system data record that is useful to fields such as change detection, climate research, environmental monitoring, and many smaller scale applications like agriculture. Earth-observing satellites can be used to derive this metric, with the goal that a global... READ MORE
Reinforced Concrete (RC) is an important material in civil construction projects, and rigorous standards exist for rating the structural, wind, vibration, and cyclic design loads. In narrower applications, such as the design of protective saferooms, RC is also designed to bear impact loads which... READ MORE
Liquid State Machine (LSM) is an adaptive neural computational model with rich dynamics to process spatio-temporal inputs. These machines are extremely fast in learning because the goal-oriented training is moved to the output layer, unlike conventional recurrent neural networks. The capability to multiplex at the... READ MORE
Timing synchronization plays an important role in recovering the original transmitted signal in telecommunication systems. In order to have a communication system that operates at the correct time and in the correct order, it is necessary to synchronize to the transmitter’s symbol timing. Synchronization... READ MORE
The efficient cooling of servers in data center offers a unique challenge to reduce the worldwide energy consumption and liquid inventory of working fluid. Presently, single phase cooling techniques are widely used for CPU cooling in data centers. Such techniques are proving to be... READ MORE
Music is a means of reflecting and expressing emotion. Personal preferences in music vary between individuals, influenced by situational and environmental factors. Inspired by attempts to develop alternative feature extraction methods for audio signals, this research analyzes the use of deep network structures... READ MORE
The ability to dynamically discover portions of unused radio spectrum (spectrum holes) is an important ability of cognitive radio systems. Spectrum holes present a potential opportunity for wireless communication. Detection of holes and signals allows cognitive radios to dynamically access and share the spectrum with... READ MORE