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A study was conducted to choose a new resin for the BP Castro( bottle-making process. Four resins were tested using the standard 10-week stack test: ExxonMobil HY A30 I (the control), Chevron Marlex 9512H, Dow DMDA 6200, and BP Solvay HPS0-25-155. The study focused on... READ MORE
The p53 tumor suppressor protein is involved in multiple central cellular processes and human cancer occurrences. A research effort is proposed to collect the majority of p53 ChIP fragments up to now and reveal the binding pattern of p53 binding sites. It demonstrates that the... READ MORE
The inertia-coupled rimless wheel model is a passive dynamic walking device which is theoretically capable of achieving highly efficient motion with no energy losses. Under non-ideal circumstances, energy losses due to air drag require the use of actuation to maintain stable motions. The Actuated Inertia-coupled... READ MORE
The Food and Drug Administration requires that all sterile medical devices be tested and documented for a labeled shelflife. This thesis analyzed the effects of 12 months of accelerated aging testing, obtained at two equivalent aging programs, on a medical-grade chevron pouch constructed from a... READ MORE
The medical device industry strives to improve the delivery of key device information through the package to patients, doctors and end users. To achieve this goal Indications For Use (IFU) and user manuals have been major tools and are necessary components required in Medical Device... READ MORE
With the growing concern on environmental issues, many companies are developing research studies to reduce its negative effects on the environment and become more sustainable. Packaging has been one of the most significant issues of concern because of its environmental impact and end-of-life cycle. The... READ MORE
Package orientation is an important aspect to consider during the transit of packages worldwide. As orientation of a package can influence the manual handling and compressible load performance, it becomes important parameter to consider in an overnight distribution environment. Significantly, less amount of research completed in... READ MORE
Ohmic metal semiconductor contacts are indispensable part of a semiconductor device. These are characterized by their specific contact resistivity (ρ_c) in expressed in Ohm-cm^2, defined as the inverse slope of current density versus voltage curve at origin. Engineering and measurement of specific contact resistivity... READ MORE
This work establishes a platform technique for visualizing fluid transport through Anoidisc Alumina Oxide (AAO) membranes, which can be applied to Carbon Nanotube (CNT) arrays, and allow for the testing of the effects of other parameters on flow. Arrays of CNTs have shown significant... READ MORE
In 2014, installation of 5.3GW of new Photovoltaic (PV) systems occurred in the United States, raising the total installed capacity to 16.36GW. Strong growth is predicted for the domestic PV market with analysts reporting goals of 696GW by 2020. Conventional single crystalline silicon cells... READ MORE
Nearly 100,000 heart valve replacements or repairs are performed in the US every year. Mathematical models of heart valves are used to improve artificial valve design and to guide surgeons performing valve-repairing surgeries. Models can be used to define the geometry of a valve,... READ MORE
At the time of this study, each time a customer in Europe requested that Colgate Palmolive (CP) implement a Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) solution for a product, CP did not have the data and tools necessary to weigh the impact of the request. Since... READ MORE
The purpose of this study was to conduct an analysis of the current packaging development process used by Colgate-Palmolive sub-country teams and to provide suggestions for implementing an improved process. The analysis of the current approach to packaging development and project management in the personal... READ MORE
The instruction set of a processor is embodied in the particular micro-architecture representing the processor hardware. Verifying proper operation of the instruction set for a particular processor hardware implementation requires exhaustive testing to expose unknown dependencies and other elusive design flaws. This paper presents... READ MORE