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The Golden-winged Warbler (Vermivora chrysoptera) is a passerine species whose populations have decreased internationally by approximately 66 percent since the 1960s, and by approximately 50 percent in New York. Major causes for declines are from loss of shrubland habitat and through hybridization with the... READ MORE
The rapid growth in computational power and technology has enabled the automotive industry to do extensive research into autonomous vehicles. So called self- driven cars are seen everywhere, being developed from many companies like, Google, Mercedes Benz, Delphi, Tesla, Uber and many others. One... READ MORE
A wide variety of hearing problems can potentially be treated with local drug delivery systems capable of delivering drugs directly to the cochlea over extended periods of time. Developing and testing such systems requires accurate quantification of drug concentration over time. A variety of... READ MORE
Many wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) are not properly equipped for the removal of various compounds, including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), analgesics, and hormones. These compounds are continually discharged into surface waters, which has become an emerging issue for environmental and public health. Microorganisms in... READ MORE
Integrated Photonics has revolutionized the semiconductor industry. Silicon waveguides are now compatible with CMOS transistors on the same wafer and these circuits are known as optical integrated circuits. This thesis is a small part of the integrated photonics project, which has an objective of... READ MORE
In recent years, many technologies have come forward to address the display industry’s increasing demand for improved TFT performance over a-Si:H. Low Temperature Polycrystalline Silicon (LTPS) is one such material which has been extensively researched due to its high mobility and high TFT current... READ MORE
Clean energy is required to ensure global prosperity and economic growth. Increased industrialization is expected to increase energy demand by 50% by 2035. This will result in increased air pollution. Carbon dioxide emissions have been linked to global warming and other pollution related problems.... READ MORE
Randomness is critical when it comes to cryptography. When a cryptographic system has randomness in it, it is impossible to decrypt the codes and break the system. To evaluate a cryptographic function’s randomness, many statistical tests were developed such as: Diehard and ENT, but these... READ MORE
The local air quality surrounding airports is significantly impacted by ground-based airplane operations, such as landing, taxiing, idling, and takeoff. In recent years, studies performed across the country revealed that people living near major airports suffer from increased cancer risks and higher likelihoods of... READ MORE
Teaching computers how to recognize people and objects from visual cues in images and videos is an interesting challenge. The computer vision and pattern recognition communities have already demonstrated the ability of intelligent algorithms to detect and classify objects in difficult conditions such as... READ MORE
Many tasks in the field of computer vision rely on an underlying change detection algorithm in images or video sequences. Although much research has focused on change detection in consumer images, there is little work related to change detection on aerial imagery, where individual images... READ MORE
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is one of the most widely used tools to determine the environmental impact of products and processes. One of the main concerns with LCA is the limited comparability of the results due to limitations in defining the functional unit. This affects... READ MORE
There has been a growing awareness about the environmental impacts of producing and consuming goods and services. Among the various tools that have been developed to better understand these impacts, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is one of the most commonly used tools to estimate... READ MORE
Musculoskeletal (MSK) systems have long been compared to simple mechanical machines. This not only allows for ease of understanding locomotion, but ease of modeling a biological system during complex motion. More specifically, simple lever systems are most commonly employed to approximate mechanical... READ MORE
Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Tracking daily changes in one’s cardiovascular health can be critical in diagnosing and managing cardiovascular disease, such as heart failure and hypertension. A toilet seat is the ideal device for monitoring parameters... READ MORE