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Accurate navigation in GPS denied locations is extremely hard to achieve. Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) are currently the only reasonable onboard alternative to GPS but INS has error terms that grow very quickly. Even current high-end INSs have an error exceeding one km after only... READ MORE
Modern techniques for water desalination focus on large scale industrial plants. These plants often require a large amount of resources in capital and location for efficient operation. As a result, the worldwide toll on human deaths from poor access to clean water was estimated... READ MORE
There are many studies about the process capability indices which are used to study if a process can meet specification. Unfortunately, there are few studies about the product capability. So, the main aim of this thesis is to present an alternative to determine the product... READ MORE
To clarify the complex interaction between mechanical and biological processes in natural or artificial (surgical) phenomena, the knowledge of the properties of biological tissues is required. It is also of interest for biochemistry, biophysics, cardiology, radiology, physiology, surgery, and pathology. In particular we require... READ MORE
There are several different methods for computing a square root of a matrix. Previous research has been focused on Newton's method and improving its speed and stability by application of Schur decomposition called Schur-Newton. In this thesis, we propose a new method for finding a... READ MORE
For decades the United States has relied on application of road deicers for the purpose of winter road maintenance to provide safe transportation for the majority of U.S. commuters in northern states. Road deicers are a necessity but are linked to contamination of surrounding environments,... READ MORE
The environmental concerns together with the decrease in technology cost lead the solar market to growth rapidly along the last decade. The photovoltaic (PV) systems are one of the solar energy alternatives and the silicon solar cells are currently the most widespread technology. Photovoltaic... READ MORE
High-throughput sequencing (HTS) technologies are rapidly replacing seminal techniques genetic analysis (ex: RNA-Sequencing experiments replacing microarrays). As HTS continues to become more readily available and inexpensive, data produced by these technologies will continue to increase dramatically. These data can be found in publicly available... READ MORE
Within the fields of visual effects and animation, humans have historically spent countless painstaking hours mastering the skill of drawing frame-by-frame animations. One such animation technique that has been widely used in the animation and visual effects industry is called "rotoscoping" and has allowed... READ MORE