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Compressed Sensing (CS) exploits the sparsity of many signals to enable sampling below the Nyquist rate. If the original signal is sufficiently sparse, the Basis Pursuit (BP) algorithm will perfectly reconstruct the original signal. Unfortunately many signals that intuitively appear sparse do... READ MORE
Many components of phylogenetic inference belong to the most computationally challenging and complex domain of problems. To further escalate the challenge, the genomics revolution has exponentially increased the amount of data available for analysis. This, combined with the foundational nature of phylogenetic analysis, has prompted... READ MORE
Data centers play an increasingly important role in processing the large amount of information generated in today's society. An enormous amount of growth in the computational demands of data center applications has stimulated the creation of warehouse scale data centers, holding servers that number... READ MORE
Transistor technology scaling has been the driving force in improving the size, speed, and power consumption of digital systems. As devices approach atomic size, however, their reliability and performance are increasingly compromised due to reduced noise margins, difficulties in fabrication, and emergent nano-scale phenomena.... READ MORE
This thesis research aims to conduct a study on a cost-sensitive listwise approach to learning to rank. Learning to Rank is an area of application in machine learning, typically supervised, to build ranking models for Information Retrieval systems. The training data consists of lists of... READ MORE
We experimentally demonstrate a 31.2-dB-contrast all-optical AND gate based on a Fabry-Pérot semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA). Typically, cross phase modulation is the dominant nonlinearity as it shifts a FPSOA resonance to trigger the AND-gate functionality. Cross polarization modulation (XPolM) is introduced here to produce a... READ MORE
Continuous improvement in silicon process technologies has made possible the integration of hundreds of cores on a single chip. However, power and heat have become dominant constraints in designing these massive multicore chips causing issues with reliability, timing variations and reduced lifetime of the... READ MORE
Ionic polymer-metal composites (IPMCs) have become an area of interest in the past decade for their unique properties as actuators. Conventional IPMCs require the use of rare earth metals for electrodes making the fabrication of these materials expensive, time consuming to produce, and not... READ MORE
The purpose of this thesis was to introduce a standard method for designing efficient and sustainable packages to the packaging industry. This thesis has focused on how a standardized process has helped to design efficient, cost-effective and sustainable packages in the food industry. The standardized... READ MORE