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The characterization of the material properties of Single Molecule Magnets (SMMs) has grown in importance over the last few decades with the rise of novel applications such as high-density magnetic storage and quantum computation. Many of the applications require the probing of SMMs with... READ MORE
The enhancement of natural convection heat transfer using nanofluids from horizontal square cylinder placed in a square enclosure is investigated numerically. Water-based Cu is used as the working nanofluid. The investigation covered a range of Rayleigh numbers of 104 - 106, nanoparticles volume fraction of... READ MORE
The mathematical structure imposed by the thermodynamic critical point motivates an approximant that synthesizes two theoretically sound equations of state: the parametric and the virial. The former is constructed to describe the critical region, incorporating all scaling laws; the latter is an expansion about zero... READ MORE
Significant efficiency increases are being made for bulk heterojunction organic photovoltaic prototype devices with world records at 11%. However the chlorinated solvents most frequently used in prototype manufacture would cause local health and safety concerns or large scale environmental pollution upon expansion of these... READ MORE