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The miniaturization of electronic devices requires advanced thermal management techniques. The two-phase heat transfer process offers more effective and sustainable approach compared to the presently used single-phase cooling techniques. The boiling heat transfer is a two-phase cooling technique, that dissipates a high heat flux... READ MORE
The development of integrated photonics is limited by bulky and inefficient photonic component compared to their electronic counterparts due to weak light-matter interactions. As the key devices that determine the performance of integrated photonic circuits, electro-optical (EO) modulators are inherently built on the basis... READ MORE
Since piezoelectric effect was discovered in 1880, it has been widely used in micro-actuators, sensors, and energy harvesters. Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT) is a commonly used piezoelectric material due to the high piezoelectric response. The basic PZT film fabrication process includes deposition, sintering, and... READ MORE
This paper proposes a novel leg design for a humanoid robot that can be 3D printed. More explicitly, the efforts of this paper are to bring some of the more complex leg designs seen in large scale bipedal robot into the realm of smaller bipeds... READ MORE
The presence of three-dimensional rotating action potential waves, called scroll waves, in the heart causes ventricular fibrillation. Recently, there has been interest in developing low-energy methods, consisting of applying an electric field to terminate these waves, as a means of defibrillation. The success of... READ MORE
The massive integration of cores in multi-core system has enabled chip designer to design systems while meeting the power performance demands of the applications. Wireless interconnection has emerged as an energy efficient solution to the challenges of multi-hop communication over the wireline paths in conventional... READ MORE
In regards to data transmission in communication systems, there is need for robust emulation of communication channels via Gaussian noise generation. Over time, larger sample sizes are desired to reach farther into the tail ends of the distribution and faster sample generation speeds are desired... READ MORE
In this research project, a system is proposed to aid the visually impaired by providing partial contextual information of the surroundings using 360° view camera combined with deep learning is proposed. The system uses a 360° view camera with a mobile device to capture surrounding... READ MORE