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This research aims to discover how pictorial health warnings impact young female adults in comparison to currently used written health warning in Croatia. In order to assess the impact, research is using a small-scale quantitative research method, to be more precise a survey. Pictorial health... READ MORE
The cloud computing technology has made a tremendous impact on various types of business organizations by enabling fast, easy and cost effective use of information systems, and thus making it available to everyone. Respectively, the cloud computing would be most beneficial for small and medium... READ MORE
Website design is a crucial element to instantly evoke a customer's interest and communicate the desired message in the clutter of internet sites available. Various research to date indicates that design is most successful when it projects considerable social presence, social presence being the impression... READ MORE
This qualitative study explores the ways in which high school students in Croatia go through the process of making their college decision, and attempts to identify the key factors that influence their decision to choose a certain college. The study used focus group methodology... READ MORE