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Forging comprehensive links among the ethical, social, cultural, and communicative demands of the contemporary world. Researching strategic social, economic, and cultural questions that enable society to anticipate and respond to change and unexpected challenges.

Ever since the launch of Sputnik in 1957, humans have put over 40,000 pieces of debris into orbit around the Earth. In particular, most launches and debris tends to go to either Low Earth Orbit (LEO), or Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (GEO). While GEO has some... READ MORE
Since the 1990s, sports-related concussions have become a public health concern in the youth and adolescent athlete population. After some professional athletes revealed that their retirement was connected to concussions, public awareness of concussions and identifying the need to protect these high school athletes... READ MORE
This study explores the role of online news media in directing people’s behavior in China. Previous literature shows that Chinese tend to be suspicious or hostile towards strangers and those outside their network. This study assumes that this self-defensive behavior was caused by negative portrayal... READ MORE
Health data privacy has become increasingly pertinent as the Internet-of-Things (IoT), specifically, health-monitoring, wearable devices, has become more advanced. Today’s regulatory framework allows wearable device companies to self-regulate how data is collected and used, thus leaving consumer, health data at risk of possible mishandling... READ MORE
In the higher education field marketers need to better understand how to keep abreast with the trends of their current and future audiences. With ever-evolving technologies, students’ have multiple methods in which to acquire campus related information. The aims of this study were to discover... READ MORE
The following study used sales data to ascertain the presence of a link between current socio-political tensions (as measured by the Bulletin of Atomic Sciences’ Doomsday Clock and national crime statistics) and the prevalence and acceptance of so-called “vigilante justice” portrayed in the top-selling comic... READ MORE
Oftentimes everyday objects in our environment have gendered implications that go unnoticed and unobserved. These objects may or may not have been designed with a specific gender statement in mind, however careful analysis can reveal a great deal about the gendered nature of a commonplace... READ MORE