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Focusing on human health, innovation in the advancement of clinical practices, and cutting-edge research that will enhance the changing health care delivery system.

The art of avian flight is incredibly complex and sophisticated. It is one of the most energy-intensive modes of animal locomotion, and requires specific anatomical and physiological adaptations. I believe that in order to truly comprehend the beauty and complexity of avian flight, it... READ MORE
The IMAGING THE AIRWAYS thesis project is a multidiscipline and multimedia endeavor consisting of two main parts: I. 3D Modeling of a Complete Respiratory Airway for Use in Computational Flow Dynamics Studies of Particle Deposition in the Lungs and II. Creation of an Educational... READ MORE
The field of addiction has grown exponentially in the last 60 years with abundant research and results. Today we understand that addiction is less of a disease and more of a choice, however, it continues to be a perplexing disease. The focus of this... READ MORE
In an attempt to establish Macaca fascicularis as a viable animal model for disease studies, characterization of the MHC class I genes is necessary. The necessity arises because the MHC class I molecules have a functional role in immune response. Pig-tailed macaques Macaca nemestrina) and... READ MORE