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Focusing on human health, innovation in the advancement of clinical practices, and cutting-edge research that will enhance the changing health care delivery system.

Award in Science, Technology and Society. College: Science. Program: Physician Assistant. Course: Biomedical Issues Science and Technology. Professor: Ivan Kenneally. Student Honor Awardees are selected by the faculty who teach courses in these areas of Liberal Arts and by the Kearse Awards Committee. Twenty-Ninth Kearse... READ MORE
Eutrophication due to anthropogenic nutrient enrichment is the greatest factor leading to estuarine degradation. Even after external nutrient loading has been reduced, internal nutrient recycling has the potential to keep the system in a eutrophic state. In field studies, an association between the Eastern... READ MORE
Eutrophication has led to the proliferation of devastating macroalgal blooms in shallow coastal estuaries. Processes at the sediment surface in shallow marine environments can ultimately affect nutrient cycling and the progress of eutrophication. Through bioturbation and grazing of microphytobenthos (MPB) infaunal invertebrates significantly alter... READ MORE