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Urbanization is progressing rapidly in China. To accommodate the increasing population, high-rise residential buildings are becoming more prevalent in urban areas. But residents of high-rise buildings have little opportunity to socially interact with their neighbors, and this lack of social interaction may generate community-relevant... READ MORE
Over 70% of energy in China is consumed by industrial buildings and related support activities. In order to reduce production costs, owners of factories tend to pay little attention to protecting the environment or workers’ health, causing many serious consequences. Poorly designed buildings require... READ MORE
The Genesee Waterways Center, or GWC, is home to multiple competitive and recreational rowing programs and clubs, but lacks the appropriate facility to properly house and cater to its patrons and visitors. Rowing is an activity that values discipline and teamwork and has evolved... READ MORE
Investment in electricity generation infrastructure has been long lived because of its high lead times and high capital cost. In addition to its long-lived nature, the investment has also become riskier with the deregulated market structure and high electricity price volatility. The push towards... READ MORE
In recent years many countries and several regions in the United States have passed legislation on banning landfilling of organic waste. It is a well-known fact that organic wastes, including food scraps, generate methane under anaerobic landfill environments and contribute significantly to global warming.... READ MORE
Increasing availability of consumer electronics offers the potential to improve quality of life, extend educational access, and improve efficiency of industrial processes, yet introduce their own set of challenges including increasingly diverse material supply chains, the fastest growing waste stream, and high life cycle... READ MORE