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Seeking to become a world leader in sustainability education, research, and practice.

Our climate is changing rapidly due to an excess of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere. A major force behind the release of these gases is the means by which we generate our energy — the combustion of fossil fuels. One of the biggest... READ MORE
Greenhouse gas emission reduction targets have increased demand for clean energy technologies, and the growth required for these technologies has led to concern over material availability and criticality. Critical materials are defined as having risks associated with them such as supply gaps or price... READ MORE
Today designers, manufacturers and industries are seeking to find sustainable solutions to improve design processes and products that will reduce their environmental impacts. However, they often develop architecture in counterproductive ways by investing time and resources into unproven novel solutions. Yet, there are often... READ MORE
The scope of this thesis was to investigate the technological and environmental parameters related to producing animal feed from wasted food products (FFP). An analysis was conducted to understand both the global and local (New York) factors affecting food waste diversion to feed. In... READ MORE
In order for fuel cells to play a large part in a global sustainable energy infrastructure, fuel cell-based systems need to be built to meet the demands of a wide range of applications in all aspects of society. To date, the majority of fuel cell... READ MORE