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Seeking to become a world leader in sustainability education, research, and practice.

Children diagnosed with terminal illness most often receive end-of-life care in a traditional hospital setting or at home due to the dearth of children’s hospices in the United States. Children hospices provide an environment that not only is aesthetically designed for children, but also is... READ MORE
Understanding the relationship between consumer lifestyle and energy use is essential to solving many of the energy and sustainability challenges. By studying shifts in consumer lifestyle over time and behavior heterogeneity, this dissertation provides valuable insights into understanding energy consumption trends and improving energy... READ MORE
Modern technology including solar cells, household electronics, and defense aircraft among many others depends on a complex network of trade to source many of the materials, services, and technical know-how to maintain production. These technologies contribute beneficially to our everyday lives and are used... READ MORE
Rochester New York, a city which thrived on manufacturing in the 1900’s, has declined over the years. The impacts of the economic down turn, suburbanization, and the highway system impeding pedestrian access to downtown Rochester, all took their toll on the city’s once vibrant... READ MORE
Evaluation criterion of sustainability is an effective method of protecting stable Eco-system, enhancing life quality and reducing the waste of resource. Recently, with the emergence of resource shortage and environmental degradation, people started to shift their attention to the development of sustainability, which is to... READ MORE