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Website Fingerprinting (WF) enables an eavesdropper to discover what sites the user is visiting despite the use of a VPN or even the Tor anonymity system. Recent WF attacks on Tor have reached high enough accuracy (up to 98%) to prompt Tor to consider adopting... READ MORE
As a software application is developed and maintained, changes to the source code may cause unintentional slowdowns in functionality. These slowdowns are known as performance regressions. Projects which are concerned about performance oftentimes create performance regression tests, which can be run to detect performance... READ MORE
We demonstrate a multiple micro aerial vehicle (MAV) system capable of supporting autonomous exploration and navigation in unknown environments using only a sensor commonly found in low-cost, commercially available MAVs—a front-facing monocular camera. We adapt a popular open source monocular SLAM library, ORB-SLAM, to support... READ MORE