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The mechanism for picking guards in Tor suffers from security problems like guard fingerprinting and from performance issues. To address these issues, Hayes and Danezis proposed the use of guard sets, in which the Tor system groups all guards into sets, and each client... READ MORE
Older users (aged 55 and over) are generally thought to have limited knowledge in online security; additionally, their declining cognitive and perceptive abilities can further expose them to digital attacks. Despite these risks and the growing older population, little has been studied about older users’... READ MORE
Datasets are crucial to advance automated software traceability research. Acquiring such datasets come in a high cost and require expert knowledge to manually collect and validate them. Obtaining such software development datasets has been one of the most frequently reported barrier for researchers in... READ MORE
Finding and counting minimum cuts in graphs can be useful in image processing and segmentation and in networking systems such as computer or road networks. Researchers have previously developed polynomial-time algorithms to count minimum cuts in planar graphs which utilize the relationship between maximum... READ MORE