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We demonstrate that recognition of scanned typeset mathematical expression images can be done by extracting maximum spanning trees from line of sight graphs weighted using geometric and visual density features. The approach used is hierarchical contextual parsing (HCP): Hierarchical in terms of starting with... READ MORE
In visually-oriented specialized medical domains such as dermatology and radiology, physicians explore interesting image cases from medical image repositories for comparative case studies to aid clinical diagnoses, educate medical trainees, and support medical research. However, general image classification and retrieval approaches fail in grouping... READ MORE
Though the smart electrical grid promises many advantages in efficiency and reliability, the risks to consumer privacy have impeded its deployment. Researchers have proposed protecting privacy by aggregating user data before it reaches the utility, using techniques of homomorphic encryption to prevent exposure of unaggregated... READ MORE
Elections are arguably the best way that a group of agents with preferences over a set of choices can reach a decision. This can include political domains, as well as multiagent systems in artificial-intelligence settings. It is well-known that every reasonable election system is... READ MORE