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This goal of this research was to create a network-based malware quarantine system and test the effectiveness of it on the speed of worm propagation across a virtual network. Worms that spread in epidemic ways cause a large amount of financial and digital damage... READ MORE
Security is hard, and teaching security can be even harder. Here we describe a public educational activity to assist in the instruction of both students and developers in creating secure Android apps. Our set of activities includes example vulnerable applications, information about each vulnerability, steps... READ MORE
Common use of smartphones is a compelling reason for performing activity recognition with on-board sensors as it is more practical than other approaches, such as wearable sensors and augmented environments. Many solutions have been proposed by academia, but practical use is limited to experimental settings.... READ MORE
In the increasingly connected world, cyber-physical systems (CPS) have been quickly adapted in many application domains, such as smart grids or healthcare. There will be more and more highly sensitive data important to the users being collected and processed in the cloud computing environments. Homomorphic... READ MORE
Loop avoidance is a critical component of switched networks. Protocols like STP, RSTP, TRILL, etc solve this problem in different ways, but there is room for improvement. The Meshed Tree Protocol aims to improve the performance of switched networks while avoiding loops. In this research,... READ MORE