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Discovering new, innovative methods and research opportunities in solving complex present-day and future computing challenges.

Hackathons bring developers, artists and designers together around a shared challenge: ideate, plan and create an application in a highly constrained time frame. A way to socialize, solve problems, and strengthen soft and hard skills, hackathons have grown tremendously in popularity in the last... READ MORE
The rapid market shift to multi-functional mobile devices has created an opportunity to support activity recog- nition using the on-board sensors of these devices. Over the last decade, many activity recognition approaches have been proposed for various activities in different settings. Wearable sensors and... READ MORE
Opportunistic networks are characterized by the dynamic connectivity created when mobile devices encounter each other, as they are within close proximity. During these transient opportunities, devices are typically within one-hop wireless range of their neighbors. Opportunistic networks are an effective way, in terms of bandwidth... READ MORE