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Authenticated encryption (AE) is a symmetric key cryptographic scheme that aims to provide both confidentiality and data integrity. There are many AE algorithms in existence today. However, they are often far from ideal in terms of efficiency and ease of use. For this reason, there... READ MORE
Cryptographic S-boxes are fundamental in key-iterated sub- stitution permutation network (SPN) designs for block ciphers. As a natural way for realizing Shannon’s confusion and diffusion properties in cryptographic primitives through nonlinear and linear behavior, re- spectively, SPN designs served as the basis for the Advanced... READ MORE
We discuss some computational challenges and related open questions concerning classical Ramsey numbers. This talk overviews known constructive bounds for the difference between consecutive Ramsey numbers and presents what is known about the most studied cases including $R(5,5)$ and $R(3,3,4)$. Although the main problems we... READ MORE
The star-critical Ramsey number r∗(H1, H2) is the smallest integer k such that every red/blue coloring of the edges of Kn − K1,n−k−1 contains either a red copy of H1 or a blue copy of H2, where n is the graph Ramsey number R(H1, H2).... READ MORE