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Discovering new, innovative methods and research opportunities in solving complex present-day and future computing challenges.

The need for an interconnected health network has reached its peak. Using electronic health records dramatically increases the quality of care for patients and the efficiency of the health care systems. With the rapid development and integration of health care technology, standardization and interoperability has... READ MORE
The problem of popularity prediction has been studied extensively in various previous research. The idea behind popularity prediction is that the attention users give to online items is unequally distributed, as only a small fraction of all the available content receives serious users attention.... READ MORE
Investigating technologies and writing expansive documentation on their capabilities is like hitting a moving target. Technology is evolving, growing, and expanding what it can do each and every day. This makes it very difficult when trying to snap a line and investigate competing technologies.... READ MORE
As developers face ever-increasing pressure to engineer secure software, researchers are building an understanding of security-sensitive bugs (i.e. vulnerabilities). Research into mining software repositories has greatly increased our understanding of software quality via empirical study of bugs. However, conceptually vulnerabilities are different from bugs:... READ MORE