Keith Howard - Head of Printmaking & Research

The non-toxic printmaking program at R.I.T. is comprised of one full time and three adjunct faculty.

Keith Howard is Head of Printmaking and Research at the School of Art and is considered the foremost authoriety within
the field of non-toxic intaglio printmaking. In the last decade he has delivered over 100 workshops and seminars on his non-toxic intaglio printmaking innovations world wide. He has written two milestone publications on non-toxic intaglio printmaking. The first book is entitled "Safe Photo Etching for Photographers and Artists" a 1991 production and the most recent 1998 book "Non-Toxic Intaglio Printmaking".

Keith Howard's IMAGE GALLERY & WORKSHOP INFORMATION can be found at the
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PS During holiday periods or workshop periods outside Rochester I have now made it a practice not to pick up my e-mail. Generally these periods fall during Dec., late Feb early March, June, July & August.


Keith Howard - Head of Printmaking & Research
College of Imaging Arts and Sciences
School of Art
Rochester Institute of Technology

73 Lomb Memorial Drive
New York 14623-5603


Office Phone (585) 475-2632
R.I.T. Non-Toxic Printmaking Studio (585) 475 5247
Home Phone (585) 241-9888

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