Support the College

Who supports RIT's College of Liberal Arts (COLA)?

  • COLA alumni who value the degrees they earned and want to contribute to the programs that launched their careers
  • RIT alumni who deeply appreciate the COLA offerings - a philosophy course, participation in orchestra, a poetry class - that enriched their RIT experience... and want to be sure these experiences continue to enrich the lives of future students
  • Corporations that recognize the critical role Liberal Arts plays in preparing business leaders for an increasingly complex and global economy

Areas to Help Fund

The growing gap between the cost of a college education and grants and government support makes endowed scholarships a priority need. To recruit and retain the best and brightest students, we must increase scholarship awards based on academic merit and financial need. Contact us for a list of established scholarship funds to which you may contribute or to establish a new fund.

Student Scholarly Activities
Non-tuition based support for student scholarly activities enables liberal arts degree students to conduct research activities, travel for educational purposes, and experience real-world learning through internships and other off-campus activities.

Endowed Chairs
Endowed chairs attract talented faculty to integrate the most current research with our curriculum, keeping our college competitive. Contact us to learn more.

Faculty Research
Contributions to research will support the college's current strategic focus on increasing the rigor of scholarship. Funding is needed to support faculty travel, research expenses, start-up funds, document acquisition, and other costs associated with faculty scholarship. Contact us to learn more.

Technology is key to attracting and retaining top faculty and students. Gifts of equipment for our labs give students familiarity with the technologies and tools they will encounter on the job. Contact us to learn more.

Student Clubs
Student clubs augment our students' educational experience through real-world application of classroom learning, networking with established professionals in their fields of study, and opportunities for leadership. A number of these organizations rely on contributions to support their activities. Contact us for a current list of student clubs in need of support.

Corporate Partnerships

Many companies, large and small, have discovered business advantages in partnering with RIT. These partnerships take a variety of forms:

Financial Support
Affiliating your business with RIT and the college through a financial contribution connects your company name with a national leader in technology education. Gifts that include naming opportunities - such as endowed scholarships, endowed chairs, speaker series, or a named lab - offer your company increased exposure to our students as they prepare to enter the workforce. Contact us to learn more.

Manufacturers who donate equipment and supplies for use in our labs introduce their products to our students who may become purchasing decision-makers at their future employers. Contact us to learn more.

Co-op Program
Thousands of global companies have discovered the value of RIT's co-op program.

If you have any additional questions or need more information, please contact Jeff Polino, Director of Development: 585-475-2638 or