Gateway to the World, 2013-2016: Visualization Poetics
María Mencía
Laura Shackelford

Gateway to the World, 2013-2016: Visualization Poetics

Digital poet, María Mencía explores the poetic possibilites and the politics of real-time data and data visualization technologies in her ipad based Gateway to the World project.  These include site-specific data that visually presents the movement of ships in and out of the port of Hamburg, and other ports in later editions of this series. Mencía describes her interest in the potential of data as a creative material and resource in this work. Upon closer reading, though, the work foregrounds the ongoing ties between nautical flows and informational flows, both of which are in close, if dynamic, conversation with the political economies informing cartography since the first map was drawn around 6,000 years ago, according to Edward Tufte (cited in Mencía’s writing on this work in Gramma Enjoy reflecting on the poetic possibilities and political pitfalls of data and meta-tagging lived geographies with this ongoing project.