Workshop to be offered again in October 2021

"All Stories are Health Stories in a Pandemic" - Kriota Willberg shares work from her Graphic Medicine in a Pandemic Workshop

In this short, 4 minute video, Kriota Willberg describes her approach in the Willberg dicusses her recent Storycraft Workshop: Graphic Medicine in a Pandemic in Fall 2020, co-offered with the Sshool of Individualized Studies (SOIS). She also shares impressive work by students such as Sara Calhoun, Holly Morgan, Hannah Speach, and Yilmaz.

Sara Calhoun's "Who Are You Now" from the workshop this fall is pictured on the left.

We are offering this Storycraft Workshop (ITDL 415) again this coming Fall semester 2021. The workshop will meet Wednesdays, 6-8:30pm EST starting Weds, Sept 22 and ending on Weds, November 17 (nine meetings in total).

RIT students can register on SIS and others interested in taking the workshop (without receiving academic credit) for a fee can do so by registering online here.

Contact lxsgla@rit.edu or ces@rit.edu with any questions you may have.