Dear Angelica, Oculus, 2017

Dear Angelica is an award winning VR film from Oculus Story Studio that tells the story of a young girl who reconnects with her lost mother by watching her in old films. Created with the Oculus’ Quill tool, the art shimmers and surrounds the viewer as the narrative unfolds. This is not a game but a straightforward animated, filmic narrative that is watched by the user. The darkness of the virtual space lights up as memories are drawn around the viewer, recounted by a voice over narrator. Dear Angelica uses negative space to situate the viewer in the internal heart of the narrative. A journey to an intensely personal space, the story swirls to life in gestures of color that give a sense of movement. The environment is black nothingness, without any modeled objects, which connects symbolically to the story’s themes of death and loss. The colors and light of the memories are fleeting illustrations that flicker for a moment against the blackness thus conveying a sense of human frailty and transience.