Wednesday, September 23, 2020 - 6:00pm to Wednesday, November 18, 2020 - 8:30pm

New Workshop on Graphic Medicine in a Pandemic - led by Kriota Willberg

This fall, beginning September 23rd, we are excited to offer a new online workshop on Graphic Medicine in a Pandemic led by Kriota Willberg, the new Artist in Residence of the Master's Scholars Prgram in Humanities Medicine at NYU.

This workshop uses comics-making to process and communicate our experiences of the life-changing COVID-19 pandemic. Inspired by contemporary and historical art and comics about health and disease, participants will investigate elements of epidemiology that resonate with our personal knowledge, beliefs, and observations of COVID-19’s impact on our lives. Through drawing, writing, reflection, and critique, we will practice methods of graphic narrative-making that contextualize and communicate the world’s transition to a “new normal.” Students will be expected to produce comics/visual art narratives and participate in critique sessions. Homework will be assigned.

Participants must have competency in basic drawing techniques - an ability to draw and willingness to improve one's drawing is adequate. This course is therefore recommended for students studying art, design, illustration, animation, or medical illustration, or those with an interest in medicine, medical humanities, or related areas.

Pre-registration is required. The cost of the workshop is $200. Online registration and payment is available here. If you have questions, please contact Laura Shackelford, Director of the Center for Engaged Storycraft, Lxsgla@rit.edu.