"The Box That Shows" - Pamela Kincheloe's NTID Writing Seminar

The “Box That Shows” project is the culmination of a semester-long writing assignment that has been undertaken by an NTID section of RIT’s University Writing Seminar level 150 course. Inspired by the art of Joseph Cornell, each student has been working this semester on crafting their own “Cornell Box.”

Using found art and other materials that are meaningful, each box shows or communicates something. It could show an argument or tell a story. Students may tell you the story of their lives, talk about their identities; they may talk about issues that are important to them; they may try to persuade; there are many possibilities. Our goals are to inspire a sense of curiosity about the world, to visually communicate messages that are important to us, and to create a piece of art of beauty and significance out of everyday objects. Our goal is to inspire and raise awareness of many different life experiences and issues. From protecting the environment by not dumping waste outside, to deaf people’s vision, the boxes tell our stories through different visual objects.

You will find students' Cornell Boxes exhibited around the RIT campus during ImagineRIT on April 27th, 2019. Each box is accompanied by a QR code that links to students' writing about their work. Alternately, you can click on the project title below to visit a page with links to students' writing and to find out more about these students and their stories.