Gathering Stories logo by Ky'Johnna Jamison

Gathering Stories: Digital Storytelling Workshops for High School Students

CES is pleased to announce that it has received funding from the Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation's New ERA Women Writers Grant again this fall of 2022. These funds will allow us to offer a second week-long summer workshop - Gathering Stories: Digital Storytelling Workshop for Young Women in 11th-12th grades - in July 2023, as we did in July 2021.

We will also be organizing a series of related workshops and fun gatherings to offer digital storytelling opportunities to other high school students and to build bridges with high school writing instructors in the Rochester Area.

Stay tuned for a Spooky Halloween Storytelling Gathering on the RIT campus in late October. If you are interested in the summer workshop or related programming, please contact Laura Shackelford, CES Director  (

[The illustration below is the work of Ky'Johnna Jamison a local storyteller and visual artist who successfully completed the Gathering Stories workshop in July 2021 and received an award for her unique logo design for the group]