image of animated superhero Ava

SuperYou! Transmedia Narrative by Alyssa Minko

This project emerged out of Alyssa Minko's senior thesis animated film, SuperYou! and her desire to develop a web-based interactive narrative and an illustrated book telling the story of young Ava's aspirations to go to superhero school. even though her family cannot afford it and others mock her for wanting to pursue this.  Working on these distinct narrative projects during an English Independent Study on Transmedia Narrative with Associate Professor Laura Shackelford during the 20118-2019 academic year, and with the assistance of graduate students in web development and other team members, Alyssa is set to showcase her animated film, her interactive narrative, and highlights from her illustrated children's book (in progress) at ImagineRIT. on Saturday, April 27th, 2019.  Visit the Center for Engaged Storycraft's 'Story Arcade' on the first floor of the SAU to see this incredible work.