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Eun Sook Kwon

Assistant Professor
3182 Eastman Hall
Ph.D. University of Georgia

Dr. Kwon has a B.A. in English Language and Literature from Hannam University in South Korea, an M.A. in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Ph.D. in Mass Communication (advertising concentration) from the University of Georgia.

Dr. Kwon primarily teaches advertising and quantitative research methods in the School of Communication. Her research investigates consumer engagement in brand communications in social media, media engagement in advertising, advertising message engagement, and replication in marketing/advertising research. Her recent research examined the impact of the surrounding media context on advertising effectiveness (a.k.a. media engagement) by systematically reviewing more than 50 years of media engagement research articles and conducting a meta-analysis. Her research has been published in peer-reviewed journals such as European Journal of Marketing, International Journal of Advertising, Journal of Marketing Communication, and Journal of Interactive Advertising.

Kwon, Eun Sook, Yan Shan, Joong Suk Lee, and Leonard N. Reid, “Replicative Research in Leading Marketing Journals: A Longitudinal Analysis of Inter-Study and Intra-Study Replications,” European Journal of Marketing, 51 (1) (forthcoming; Journal impact factor: 1.088).

Kim, Dong Hoo, Eun Sook Kwon, Young-A Song, and Yongjun Sung (2015), “Connecting to the Elusive Sports Fan: NFL And MLB Teams’ Fan Relationship Management on Facebook,” Journal of Advertising and Promotion Research, 4 (1), 77–108.

Um, Nam-Hyun, Kyung-Ok Kim, Eun Sook Kwon, and David Wilcox (2015), “Symbols or Icons in Gay-Themed Ads: How to Target Gay Audience,” Journal of Marketing Communication, 21 (6), 393–407.

Kwon, Eun Sook, Eunice Kim, Yongjun Sung, and Chan Yun Yoo (2014), “Brand Followers: Consumer Motivation and Attitude toward Brand Communications on Twitter,” International Journal of Advertising, 33 (4), 657–680. (Journal impact factor: 1.169)

Kwon, Eun Sook, and Yongjun Sung (2011), “Follow Me! Global Marketer’s Twitter Use,” Journal of Interactive Advertising, 12 (1), 4–16.