Tracy R. Worrell

Tracy R. Worrell

Associate Professor
3041 Eastman Hall

Professor Worrell has a B.A. in Speech Communication from Otterbein University, and degrees in Communication from the University of Cincinnati (M.A.) and Michigan State University (Ph.D.). Since coming to RIT in 2008, Professor Worrell has taught a wide variety of classes, advised undergraduate and graduate theses and furthered her own scholarly work.

As a researcher Professor Worrell has predominantly focused on examining health messages and the media. She has written numerous conference papers and has been published in journals such as Health Communication and the Howard Journal of Communication. Publications have explored areas such as the portrayal of illness on television and its impact on those with said illnesses to creating effective health messages to promote behavior change. Professor Worrell’s current interests are in continuing to examine the portrayal of illness and disability in the media and studying the use of mobile health in promoting behavior change.

BA, Otterbein University; MA, University of Cincinnati; Ph.D., Michigan State University

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Worrell, T.R. (2012). Why do the voices in my head always say “kill?”: An analysis of disability on primetime television. A paper presented at the 98th meeting of the National Communication Association, Orlando, FL.