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Graduate Program


COMM-707 International Media (3 credits)
Evaluation of media technology use in the international setting and in various countries and regions of the world. Major theories about the media, current trends in media, journalism practices, and governmental challenges and restrictions are considered. Special attention is paid to the uses and effects of media technologies within various countries. Special focus on global implications of the Internet and digital technologies on international cooperation, trade, and culture.

COMM-711 Persuasion in a Digital Age (3 credits)
Digital communication technologies blur the lines of distinction between mass persuaders, various publics, personal networks, and individuals.  This course combines traditional theories and research in media, rhetoric, and persuasion within the context of new and dynamic channels of communication. This course will investigate the prevalence of persuasive communication in various facets of our society with particular attention to the impact of digital communication channels on the persuasion process.

UXDE-711 User Interface Design (3 credits)
This course provides an introduction to human-centered interface design. Students research, explore and create design-based solutions for user interfaces. An introduction to visual design elements and principles such as form, color, typography, imagery, visual hierarchy, layout and information architecture. Emphasis is placed on integrating and applying design skills and processes to web standards and device guidelines. Projects are focused on designing navigational solutions for online web and touch-screen applications such as mobile phones and touch-pads. At the conclusion of the course students will be able to research, analyze and create user interface mock-ups based on appropriate visual design principles across multiple devices and platforms. Students will gain a core user interface design foundation to incorporate into their professional role during the planning and UI design phases of interactive projects. Course is restricted to RIT Online graduate students only.

UXDE-721 User Experience Design (3 credits)
This course introduces students to the design process for researching, identifying and implementing a user experience strategy for online web and app development. Students will learn to research, gather and evaluate source material to organize, write and design interaction solutions. The user experience workflow will cover: defining client and user goals, user identification, content organization, information architecture, wireframing methods and basic UX validation through user testing across various platforms. At the conclusion of the course students will complete and document a UX project plan based on graphical user interface requirements and interactive conventions. Students will be able to incorporate the UX design process into their professional role during the research, planning and interaction design phases of user experience projects. Course is restricted to RIT Online graduate students.

UXDE-722 Interaction Design and Development (3 credits)
This course provides an introduction to interaction design & development including internet, web and mobile technologies. Topics covered include computer-based communication and information systems: basic HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript and WYSIWYG editors for creating content and project workflows for delivery online and mobile content. The course will examine and integrate programmatic solutions and project planning processes for single and responsive design solutions. Best practices and technologies for hybrid, native and web solutions will also be identified and explored. At the conclusion of the course students will be able to programmatically implement web based user experiences which incorporates user interface mock-ups and basic interactive functionality. Students will gain the required technical knowledge to facilitate improved communication with developers and create stronger user experience design solutions during the planning and implementation of interactive projects. Course is restricted to RIT Online graduate students only.