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Graduate Program

Required Certificate Courses

COMM-705 Technology-mediated Communication (3 credits)
Technology-Mediated Communication is an inquiry into interactive media and how they exert a powerful influence on communicative practices and society. Positioned at the intersection of technology, identity, and culture, interactive media are altering the ways in which people communicate in a wide range of contexts, including education, marketing, civic discourse, politics and popular culture. Utilizing theories about the relationship between communication technology and culture, this course will explore the current and potential future impact of interactive electronic communication and the social changes that are occurring.

COMM-706 Crafting the Message (3 credits)
This course will focus on the creation of written and visual messages appropriate to a targeted audience and specific medium including print, broadcast, interactive, digital and on-line technologies.  Case studies of effective and unsuccessful messages from advertising, politics, public service, education and entertainment will be examined.  Students will have the opportunity to create and execute a variety of messages using different writing styles with images that are directed toward specific target audiences.  Course objectives are met through readings, lectures, written assignments, in-class assignments, and discussions.

COMM-710 Visual Communication (3credits)
This course explores visual communication, the process through which individuals --in relationships, organizations, and societies—create, interpret and evaluate impact of those visual messages. A variety of theories from the disciplines of art history, psychology, communication theory, and graphic design will be discussed to develop methods for analyzing mediated messages. Students will analyze visual messages from the following media: print photography, video, film and the Internet. They will also be required to communicate visually.