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Rosa Arnone, "The Omnichannel Marketplace: A Look at Modern Consumers, " June 2017

Jennifer L. Freer, "A Content Analysis of News Source Characteristics Within Broadcast News Stories Concerning the Financial Crisis Between September 8, 2008 - December 31, 2008," July 2017

Andrew James, "Searching for Color in Black & White: Epistemic Closure, the RIT Archives, and the Colonial Roots of White Invisibility," August 2017

Amanda Kearney, "Uses and Gratification of Posting Selfies on Social Media," October 2017

Michelle Maura Fernandez, "What is the Relationship Between Conflict Management and Employee Empowerment? A Message Design Logic Perspective and its Importance for Managers and Supervisors," July 2017

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Maria Cataldo, "Cyberdemocracy: Assessing the European Parliament," October 2014

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