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All communication majors create a Portfolio comprised of projects, papers and related professional materials. Compiled throughout your college career, the Communication Portfolio functions as a kind of "billboard" for your abilities, skills, and knowledge by presenting significant academic and professional accomplishments.  It may include (with examples):

  • academic writing (term papers)
  • multimedia work (videos, photos, podcasts)
  • professional writing (story pitches and professional reports)
  • design work (data visulization, infographics, website)
  • publications (articles, stories you "pitched" and that were carried by the press)

Creating your Communication Portfolio is an exercise in gathering together work you've previously produced and then presenting it in a compelling and attractive fashion.  Students keep their portfolios in a digital format as well as in hardcopy.

Each term, the Department hosts a Portfolio Review Day when seniors present their portfolio work in a public space for review and comment by faculty, staff and peers.