The profession of journalism is in the midst of a technological transformation. Twenty-first century journalists must not only gather, critically analyze, and synthesize information, they must prepare that information for delivery across various media platforms. These changes in the field of journalism generate the need for a multifaceted educational experience.

A degree in Journalism, enhanced by Rochester Institute of Technology’s widely acknowledged reputation for being on the cutting edge of technology, prepares you for an increasingly converged and digital world while building and reinforcing the skills needed by all professional journalists. You will learn the conceptual and practical skills demanded by this digital age, using a combination of courses in communication, and a series of applied professional courses offered through the colleges of Business, Computing and Information Sciences, and Imaging Arts and Sciences called a Professional Core. This Core provides in-depth design principles, basic and advanced photography skills, audio and video production skills, news and information management, and methods of new media publishing essential to success.

With a degree in Journalism from Rochester Institute of Technology, you will possess the skills and knowledge that set you apart from more traditionally trained journalists. Beyond simply writing and reporting, you will be able to prepare and analyze content for dissemination across a variety of media. You will be a valuable asset to any future employer specializing in gathering, analyzing, writing and delivery of information across a wide variety of media platforms.