Nationalism, Secession, and Deglobalization

6th Conable Conference in International Studies

APRIL 20-21, 2017

Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York




Thursday April 20, 2017

5.00-6.00: Welcome Reception (CIMS - Atrium) 

6:00-7:00: Opening Keynote (CIMS - 2210/2220 upstairs)

Elizabeth Schmidt, Loyola University Maryland,

Al-Shabaab, Al-Qaeda, and foreign intervention in Somalia: The disintegration of a nation-state in the Horn of Africa


Friday April 21, 2017

9.30-11.30: Post-National Frameworks (CIMS - 2120)

Boris Petrović, Université de Paris – La Sorbonne

Nineteenth-century nationalism or twenty-first-century globalization: explaining the Brexit phenomenon

Jacqueline-Bethel Mougoué, Baylor University

Public dignity, masculinity, and Anglophone secessionist sentiments in 1960s Anglophone Cameroon

Thibault Biscahie, York University

Postnationality: A rhetorical fallacy concealing Canada’s unconventional nationhood construction

Elżbieta Wiącek, Jagiellonian University

The ‘March of Independence’ in the context of Poland’s political scene

Discussant: Danielle Smith, Rochester Institute of Technology


12.00-1.30: Lunch Keynote (CIMS - 2130)

John Osburg, University of Rochester

Exit Strategies of China's New Rich: Capital Flight and Spiritual Retreat


2:00-4:00: Anti-Statist Frameworks (CIMS - 2120)

Aldo Carone, London School of Economics

Decolonization revisited: Neorealism and the post-1945 wave of systemic expansion

Andrew Bard Epstein, Yale University

Imperium in Imperio: Indigenous Nationhood in the Settler State

Ray Kim, Rochester Institute of Technology

North Korea’s soft power? Self-reliance as the guiding light between idea and interest

Abdoul Aziz Gaye, Université de Genève/Timbuktu Institute, African Center for Peace Studies, Dakar, Senegal

Islamic radical movements in West Africa: Boko Haram’s threat to statehood and stability

Discussant: Benjamin Banta, Rochester Institute of Technology


4:30-5:30: Closing Plenary