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Audrey DiPoala
Thesis: Implementing a Database to Intervene in and Reduce Gun Violence in Rochester, NY 
Upon graduation, Audrey was employed by the Rochester Police Department as a patrol officer.

Nathaniel Le Mahieu
Capstone: Evaluating Body Worn Cameras in the Rochester Police Department and Analyzing Police Data Before and After Implementation  
Upon graduation, Nate was working as a Research Associate at Measures for Justice.

Chaquan Smith
Capstone: Community Views on Criminal Justice 
Upon graduation, Chaquan was working at Disability Rights New York (DRNY) as an Intake Specialist.

Christopher Sweadner
Capstone: Case Clearance:  Important Factors in Fatal and Non-Fatal Shooting Investigations 
Upon graduation, Chris was working at Disability Rights New York (DRNY) as a Research Associate.


Jamie Dougherty
Capstone: Examining the New York State Gun Involved Violence Elimination Initiative's Alignment with Several Theoretical Perspectives
Upon graduation, Jamie was a Crime Analyst with the Monroe Crime Analysis Center. 

Na Liu
Capstone: Hawaii H.O.P.E. Applied to Gun Offenders: Preliminary Findings of the Rochester Swift, Certain, and Fair Probation Program
Upon graduation, Na was working in the RIT Center for Public Safety Initiatives as a Research Associate.

Kristi Love-Cooper
Capstone: Victimization Rates Among Deaf and Hard of Hearing College Students
Upon graduation, Kristi was an Associate Interpreter with RIT's Department if Access Services. 


Pamela Flemming
Thesis: Teen Empowerment's Youth/Police Dialogues: The Bridge to Improving Police and Youth Relations
Upon graduation, Pamela was working as a Tax Resolution Specialist. 

Pierce Hamilton
Thesis: Communicating through Distraction: A Study of Deaf Drivers and Their Communication Style in a Driving Environment
Upon graduation, Pierce was working as a Special Agent for Federal Investigative Services.

Alysia Mason
Thesis: Continuity and Change in the History of Police Technology: The Case of Contemporary Crime Analysis
Upon graduation, Alysia was working in the RIT Center for Public Safety Initiatives as a Research Assistant. 

Peter Tran
Thesis: Utilizing Crime Analysis to Evaluate Criminal Justice Initiatives
Upon graduation, Peter was working as a Detective Investigator for the New York County District Attorney's Office.

Taylor Vogt
Thesis: Exploring Negative Sexual Experiences, Attitudes, and Behaviors by Auditory Status
Upon graduation, Taylor was working as the Assistant to the Director for International Operations at the NYS Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS). 


Pedro Vazquez Gonzalez
Thesis: An Overview of the Rochester Drug Free Streets Initiative: A Developing Strategy that Addresses the Open-Air Marijuana Market Located in the Conkey & Clifford Neighborhood
Upon graduation, Pedro was working at the Center for Youth as a Transitional Living Coordinator. 


Brittany Archambeau
Thesis: Factors that Contribute to Success of Probationers: Probation Officers' Point of View
Upon graduation, Brittany was working as an Offender Rehabilitation Coordinator at the Groveland Correctional Facility.

Michelle J. Comeau
Thesis: Representation and Recruitment: A Three-Part Analysis of the Police Hiring Process Within New York State
Upon graduation, Michelle went on to pursue her Ph.D. in Criminal Justice at Northeastern University.

Gregory M. Drake
Thesis: Project TIPS: A Review of Rochester's Law Enforcement-Community Collaborative
Upon graduation, Greg went on to pursue his Ph.D. in Criminal Justice at Michigan State University.

Christian W. Isaac
Thesis: Restorative Justice in Schools: An Examination of Peace Circles Within Monroe High School
Upon graduation, Christian was working in the technical support division at The CBORD Group in Ithaca, NY.