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Project Staff

Janelle Duda Banwar, MSW, PH.D. - Candidate Research Associate

Kayla Macano, M.S. - Research Associate

Na Liu, M.S. - Research Associate

Gregory Drake, M.S. - Research Associate

Nathaniel Le Mahieu, B.S. - Research Assistant

Christopher Sweadner, B.S. - Research Assistant

Jermaine Sprague, B.S. - G.I.V.E. Focused Deterrence Coordinator

Deidre Hammonod- G.I.V.E. Analyst

Damon Bacote - SNUG Training Director

Jeff Clark - State Operations Director For Street Outreach Anti-Violence Initiatives

John Huntzinger - Alternative To Incarceration Program Assessor

Ed Minardo - Alternative To Incarceration Program Assessor


CPSI also supports staff at Monroe County Crime Analysis Center (MCAC) and North Country Crime Analysis Center (NCAC)