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Dr. Eddery Lam

Assistant Professor
(585) 475-2435
  • Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Monetary Analysis and Policy
Selected Publications: 
  • "The Going Public Abroad: The Dynamics of Return Spillovers In An Atypical International Cross Listing Case." (With Yaseen Alhaj-Yaseen and John Barkoulas), Applied Financial Economics (22) 24, Dec 2012 2035-2046.
  • "Exogenous Macro Shocks, and the Asymmetric Response of State Economies to Macro Shock." (With Bebonchu Atems),Research in Applied Economics (5) 3, Sept 2013 106-128.
  • "Income Distribution and the Composition of Imports." (With Charles Braymen), The International Trade Journal 28 (2) 121-139.
  • "Price Discovery for Cross-listed Firms with Foreign IPOs." (With Yaseen Alhaj-Yaseen and John Barkoulas), International Review of Financial Analysis 31, Jan 2014, 80-87.
  • "Do Exchange Rates Respond Asymmetrically to Shocks in the Crude Oil Market?" (With Bebonchu Atems and Devin Kapper), Energy Economics 49, May 2015, 227-238.
  • "Relationship Between Ethanol and Gasoline: AIDS Approach."  (With Deborah Bridge, Bree Dority and Frank Tenkorang), Energy Economics 50, July 2015, 63-69.
Other Information: