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Dr. Jeffrey Wagner

Professor and Undergraduate Program Director
Bldg 88 - Room 1026, Office Hours Mondays and Wednesdays 10:15-11:30am and by appointment
(585) 475-5289
Selected Publications: 
  • Sprague, C., Wagner, J. (2018). Economic Motivations for Software Bug Bounties. Economics Bulletin 38: 550-557.
  • Hellman, K., Wagner, J., Lass, D., Korfmacher, K., Gleeson Hanna, B. (2018). Estimating the Economic Impact of Stormwater Runoff in the Allen Creek Watershed. Ecological Economics 145: 420-429.
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  • Hebda, C., Wagner, J. (2016). Nudging Healthy Food Consumption and Sustainability in Food Deserts.  Letters in Spatial and Resource Sciences 9(1): 57-71.
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