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The English Department offers a broad array of selection, providing a curriculum for students who must meet the creative and intellectual challenges of the 21st century.

Creative Writing

This series of courses offers students a practical, theoretical and historical understanding of the art and craft of writing nonfiction, fiction prose and poetry, as well as experimenting in digital storytelling and interactive media. The immersion encourages students to use those skills and insights for interdisciplinary projects and the enrichment of their careers and personal lives. Read More…

Digital Literature and Comparative Media

We encounter digital texts and codes every time we use a smart phone, launch an app, or interact online. This immersion explores innovative and evolving questions and practices of text and code in literature, creative writing, and interactive media. It invites students to explore the social, cultural, and technological significance of text, code, and their interrelations. With additional courses, students complete the minor in Digital Literatures and Comparative Media.  Read More…


The English immersion gives students the opportunity to explore English Studies in the areas of literature, linguistics, and creative writing. The minor is flexible in order to accommodate student interest in areas such as specific literary historical periods or geographic areas, multimedia and the visual arts, or genre fiction such as science fiction, fantasy, or romance. Courses in the immersion emphasize the ability to read literature and new media analytically and write critically. Read More…

Human Language Technology & Computational Linguistics

The human language technology and computational linguistics immersion provides exposure to computational linguistics and relevant language science course work. Students gain knowledge and practical skills in computational natural language processing and technical linguistic analysis, useful for analytics and modeling with language data and for developing, evaluating, and maintaining language technology software. Read More…

Language Science

The language science immersion prepares students in the interdisciplinary scientific study and analysis of human language. Language science is directly applicable to students interested in computing and media, human-computer interaction, brain and cognition, language acquisition, human health, interpreting, relevant branches of engineering, and policy studies. Students can complete the immersion irrespective of their skills in languages other than English. Besides a core course on linguistic principles, students can choose electives covering technology of language, philosophy of language, and language in culture and society. Electives allow students to customize the immersion to their interests and needs, with the support of a faculty advisor. Read More…


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