I.G International Education Committee

1. The International Education Committee is charged with promoting international study and global awareness through a variety of educational experiences as they pertain to the College of Liberal Arts. It is composed of five faculty, elected at large, serving staggered three-year terms. The committee will elect a chair. In addition, the Dean or designated representative will serve as a non-voting ex officio member.

2. The Committee will:

a. Enhance the internationalization of the College’s curriculum by encouraging a variety of educational experiences—among them faculty and non-faculty led courses and programs, faculty and student-exchange programs with foreign institutions, international co-ops, and community based learning or explorations that expand the curricular scope.

b. Lead the establishment, application, and fulfillment of College-based academic and pedagogical guidelines, practices, and policies that inspire the internationalization of the College’s academic programs and general education offerings.

c. Provide ongoing consultation for the Dean’s evaluation and approval of the College’s international activities.

d. Consult with faculty members on international education activities.

e. Foster collaboration and communication among various individuals and programs involved in international academic activities within and outside the College.

f. Maintain an inventory of international academic initiatives within the College.

g. Report to the College faculty as necessary on international education efforts.

3. The Committee is also charged to consult on the development and oversight of academic activities at RIT’s international sites as they pertain to the College so as to ensure that such activities comply with the College’s principles, practices, policies, and review processes.

Created November 5, 2011