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fivebyfive began as a project idea in 2015 and evolved into the present quintet with Laura Lentz (flute), Marcy Bacon (clarinet), Sungmin Shin (electric guitar), Eric Polenik (bass) and Haeyeun Jeun (piano).

fivebyfive's mission is to engage audiences in the collaborative spirit and creativity of modern chamber music by commissioning, arranging and performing a wide range of works for flute, clarinet, electric guitar, bass and piano. Forging a variety of community partnerships and presenting interactive educational programs, fivebyfive brings audience participation and music born out of today’s culture to concert halls and classrooms. Our school educational programs encourage the creativity of K-12 students through exposure of today’s music, structured group improvisations and side-by-side performances.

fivebyfive is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization based in Rochester, NY. Please visit fivebyfive's website for more information.