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Theatre Arts Minor

The Theatre Arts Minor is designed to provide an iterative balance of theory and practice that engages students intellectually and creatively. This combination of critical thinking and experiential learning will offer students an in-depth understanding of the art of theatre, as well as an introduction to the role of theatre as both a form of commentary on and as a reflection of society and culture. The heart of the minor includes student participation in a minimum of three department sponsored theatre productions via FNRT 230 Theatre Ensemble (1 credit each), and FNRT 207 Dramatic Theory and Text Analysis (3 credits), a course that investigates historic and current approaches to the translation of text into performance. In FNRT 230 Theatre Ensemble students are given opportunities to engage in acting (by audition), or dramaturgy, theatre design, stagecraft, and production support via open registration. Students may also elect to substitute one enrollment in FNRT 260 Design/Stagecraft Apprenticeship to satisfy one of the three credits required for FNRT 230 Theatre Ensemble. FNRT 260 is an apprenticeship with a local professional theatre that provides opportunities similar to FNRT 230 but in a professional environment. The remaining 9 credits required for the minor may be chosen from suggested courses in theatre literature, history, or theory and criticism.

Students are required to earn a minimum of 15 semester credit hours from the courses listed below: Three (3) credits in Dramatic Theory and Text Analysis and three (3) credits in the Theatre Ensemble course are required. In addition, students may substitute one (1) credit in Design/Stagecraft Apprenticeship for one (1) credit of the Theatre Ensemble. Finally, Minors must complete a minimum of two (2) 300 level courses to satisfy the Minor requirements.

Minor Advisor: David Munnell •

Theatre Arts Minor Required Courses

Theatre Arts Minor Required Ensembles