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Corinna Schlombs

Corinna Schlombs

Assistant professor
Global History, European History, History of Technology, History of Computing
Diplom Bielefled University
MA University of Pennsylvania
PhD University of Pennsylvania

Research Interests: History of Technology, Social and Cultural History of Computing, Business History and Gender Studies

Dr. Schlombs’s research focuses on technology and capitalism in transatlantic relations. In her current book project, she investigates transatlantic transfers of productivity culture and technology in the two decades before and after World War II. Productivity, a statistical measure of output per worker, came to encapsulate the American economic system, and transatlantic debates about productivity called into question the notion of the capitalist West during the Cold War conflict.

Dr. Schlombs received her Diplom in Sociology from Bielefeld University in Germany, and her PhD in the History and Sociology of Science from the University of Pennsylvania. She has published articles and book chapters on international computing and computing and gender. Most recently, her research has been supported through a National Science Foundation Scholars Award that enabled her to focus on her book project.

Dr. Schlombs teaches classes in the History of Information and Communication Technologies, International Business History and Modern German History. She has advised student projects in computing and gaming history, museum studies, and business history.